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Water Pumps

If you live in a city and have municipal water you probably don't have much need for a pump except for your water feature. However if you are on a well, have an irrigation pond, or have very low water pressure you will need a pump. The different types of pumps on the market are endless. Fortunately when we move water there are a few common types

Irrigation Pumps

Irrigation pumps move water from the source to the irrigation system. The size and type of pump will depend on the size of the irrigation systems and must have enough lift to pump the water up any incline and maintain the desired pressure. Irrigation Pumps


Jet Pumps

Inside the nose of a jet pump there is a nozzle and venturi pair. The nozzle blows water through the venturi which creates a pressure differential. It’s this pressure differential that actually helps the pump build pressure. It’s kind of the same physics principal used in a jet engine. Jet Pumps


Dewatering pumps

A dewatering pump is usually an centrifugal pump that is designed to stand on a flat surface and extract water from an area. These pumps are commonly used at construction sites. In addition these pumps are used when you intall a water feature to allow for the initial rinse and may be used during maintenance cyle on ponds to extract the water.

Sump pumps

Sump pumps are normally on a float system and ensure areas are regularly drained. A common application is in residential basements where perimiter drains are lower than the storm sewer.

Submersible pumps

These pumps are used in a variety of applications. They are most often a reference to well pumps but submersible pumps are found in most water features as well.