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Irrigation Products

Sprinklers & Rotors

We carry a variety of sprinkklers and Rotors.

Spray Nozzles

We carry all the major brands and types of nozzles. Our online catalogue is a good place to start when looking for nozzles.

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Micro & Drip Irrigation

Micro and Drip irrigation are the most efficient form of irrigation. It has a an unlimited number of configurations and the different components that are available are staggering. Our drip line section in the catalogue is a good place to start.

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Rainbird Drip Irrigation Guide



Pipe and Fittings


We carry the following pipe

      • Poly 75
      • Poly Prime 100
      • Municipal Poly
      • PVC Class 200
      • PVC Schedule 40
      • Blu-Lock
      • Pex
      • Flexible PVC (ponds)




Our Catalogue


We carry all major brands of controllers more information is available in the catalogue or online.