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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, How many sprinklers can I put on one zone (valve) in my sprinkler system?
  2. Question 2, Can I add drip irrigation to my existing sprinkler zones.?
  3. Question 3, Can I run more than one sprinkler zone at a time?
  4. Question 4, Do I need a filter on my irrigation system?
  5. Question 5, I was doing some work in my garden and broke a sprinkler line with the shovel. Can it be easily repaired?
  6. Question 6, What voltage is landscape lighting?

Answer 1:

The number of sprinklers depends on how much water you have available and how much water the sprinklers use. For example we have flow of 10 GPM and have Toro 8F (8ft radius) full circle) nozzles on our sprinkler. Each nozzle uses 1.0 GPM at 30 psi so the maximum number of sprinklers inthat case would be ten. We would normally recommend a number less than ten in case flow reduces during heavy water usage.

Answer 2:

Dirp irrigation requires much longer run times than sprinklers and has different pressure needs. One should not mix drip irrigation an sprinklers on the same zone.

Answer 3:

No, Not only is it unlikely you will have sufficient water but most irrigation controllers will only allow you to run one zone at a time. The only exception is that agricultural applications can, if properly designed, run multiple zones at once?

Answer 4:

In general terms if you are running drip/micro irrigation you need a filter. The drip/micro systems have very small passages that are easilty blocked with dirt. If you have relatively clean water (municipal water supply) you will not need a filter for your sprinkler zones.

Answer 5:

Breaks in sprinkler lines, particularly if the pipe is exposed, are relatively easy to repair. You will need to know the type and size of pipe and we have repair products to help make the repair. NOTE: It is very important that once the repair is complete you remove the sprinkler nozzles and flush the lines as a final step. Dirt if often introduced into the line at a break and must be flushed or it will foul the sprinklers.

Answer 6:

The landscape lighting we sell is 12 volt. The use of low voltage wiring an fixtures makes the installation and maintenance process much more cost effective. LED light only use low voltage so there is not sacrifice in performance.